Consultation Services

Our highly experienced project team will inspire you with their professional ideas from the fields of Interior Design, Wedding, Interior Rental, Garden, Landscape and Floral Art to make your dream come true.

Interior Design

Are you looking for chic modern or European classic interior decoration? Finks experienced project consultants will inspire our clients to have great ideas that are unique and stylish to the space.

Wedding Decoration

Fink will ensure your wedding to be the most gorgeous wedding your guests have ever attended. You can select from hundreds of beautiful, high quality products to include in your personalised wedding ceremony and banquet to create the perfect moment.

Interior Rental

We offer all-in-one home décor rental service in Hong Kong with the option to rent anything from silverware to small or large pieces of furniture for your home or personal events. No matter what taste in style you have, whenever you need it or whatever your budget is, we will help fulfil all your wishes.

Artificial Gardening & Greenwalls

First impressions do matter! Set the right tone and make the best possible impression with the help of our floral experts. We assure you that our aesthetic sensibilities and expertise will fulfil all your wishes when it comes to floral art.

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