FINK help to decorate Legende Royale, can you spot our pieces? Check out the article:

BEVERLY HILLS PHASE 3 Legende Royale is a tranquil and spacious development with some of the most spectacular views in Hong Kong.

The luxurious villas face Tolo Harbour, Plover Cove and Plover Cove Reservoir, with the magnificent Pat Sin Leng range as a back-drop.

And two new show houses —at No 81 Boulevard de Fontaine and No 9 Boulevard de Mer in Legende Royale — are designed to offer two different lifestyles.

The 5,183-square-foot No 81 aims to provide residents with plenty of space through outstanding design and the pick of the crop of furniture from renowned Italian brand Poliform.

In the living room on the ground floor, you can enjoy greenery and abundant sunlight with the help of floor-to-ceiling windows. Look through the windows onto a private swimming pool.

And the rooftop can hold several big sofas, allowing residents to chit-chat with friends. Imagine it on a starry night.

The wooden floors are easy-cleaning, and give you a warm feeling as well.

Knowing a villa should be both functional and aesthetically pleasing, a real home, No 81 uses white, black and gray as the basic colors. In the bedrooms, fixtures and fittings are simple yet chic and elegant.

While No 81 focuses on the beauty of space and structure, No 9 is a sumptuous villa decorated with works of art.

The interior designer flew to Beijing to choose contemporary works from Chinese painters to set off the house.

In the master en suite, the painting of a naked body implies that a couple should never hide anything from each other — a message with col-or.

Two drawings of Western ladies adorn the daughters’ room. The colors are bright and the smooth strokes create a chic and elegant feeling that youngsters will never find old-fashioned.

The living room suits both family and guests, a huge oil painting hanging in front of an oval glass table to set the mood. An eye-catching crystal chandelier and mirrors brighten the living room, giving a feel of luxury.